Graphic design covers many areas, from a logo for a small start-up, a photoshoot for a new product line, social media banners to promote a music event, an exhibition design for a global brand, right through to web design for an e-commerce platform.
Each of these diverse projects bring together client and designer in a relationship forged through mutual trust.
"The details are not the details.
They make the design." 
- Charles Eames
I have been a Graphic Designer professionally for over 15 years and during that time have been fortunate enough to work with a vast range of companies nationwide. Most recently I have been involved in overseeing in-house design requirements for Dundee based Tyko Brands (www.tyko.co.uk). The most recent brand launch being for watch company Kartel Scotland, which is enjoying great success worldwide (www.kartel.co.uk).
During this time I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in all areas of graphic design, applying these skills across corporate marketing, branding, web design, product development and exhibition design to name a few. Most importantly I have built a solid reputation for being reliable and dependable while displaying a natural flair and attention to detail on every project I work on.
From a simple idea to an all encompassing vision, get in touch today and let me help you bring it to life. Together we can create something great.
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